VDI IO, Deep dive

A friend of mine just sent me a writeup I was not aware of before – Window 7 OPS for VDI a Deep Dive. I think it is a great writeup and is completely inline with most (if not all) of my own observations. The most important issues in my opinion are:

  • Desktops are not playing nice with each other, generating storage spikes
  • Boot, login and even applications’ load can generate very high IO spikes (thousands of IOPS for short periods)
  • Non persistent desktops are very complex to setup and maintain
  • Storage planing for VDI tend be an underestimation of the real needs
I am peculiarly happy that the writeup is backed up by real customer side experience. For example I am glad to find out that many enterprises consider non-persistent desktops to be too complex. As I wrote here before, I feel that the VDI stack, especially when it comes to non-persistent desktops, is far too complex. Note also that the VM boot/application load analysis results are very similar to the results I posted here.
Regarding the solution, I have of course a different view, but that comes with the territory…

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